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segunda-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2014

Sexo gay

domingo, 21 de dezembro de 2014


Going West - DMH - Drill My Hole - Johnny Rapid & Chris Bines [VIDEO]

Cowboy Johnny Rapid and Chris Bines both look so dang sexy chopping wood that they get WOOD and need to fuck! They end up in the john and Johnny's tight ass gets pounded in several creative positions.

Sex Traveler Part 3 - JO - Jizz Orgy - Colby Keller Colby Jansen - Adam Herst - JD Phoenix & Landon Conrad [VIDEO]

Colby Keller's favorite sex toy is the time machine that so far made it possible for him get his rocks off in the future and in the 1950's.  Colby is looking for the ultimate experience so he decided to travel back to the Roman era to experience a hot orgy!  JD Phoenix gets his tight ass passed around.

Looking For A Change - STG - Str8 to Gay - Josh Long & Kirk Cummings [VIDEO]

Kirk Cummings is in the dog house with his wife because he's not getting hard in the bedroom. Josh Long suggests trying a cock ring and in the process Kirk gets hard, horny and then fucked!

The T.A. - BDAS - Big Dicks at School - Duncan Black & Topher Di Maggio [VIDEO]

Duncan Black has either fucked or been fucked by every hot guy on campus. When T.A. Topher Di Maggio comes up in conversation, Duncan accepts the challenge to get his dick too! Topher is defenseless when it comes to Duncan's game and fucks his horny ass!

Going West Part 2 - DMH - Drill My Hole - Johnny Rapid & Robbie Rivers [VIDEO]

In episode one of's "Going West" series, cowboy Johnny Rapid was fucked hard by Chris Bines. This time Johnny is on top giving a healthy ass pumping to Robbie Rivers on the train tracks.
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